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Legend has it that Achilles sprouted from the rust that fell to the ground from Achilles' spear to heal many of his comrades in the Trojan War. A legend says that when Achilles was wounded in the heel by the poisoned arrow of Paris, the goddess Aphrodite cried and advised him to take Achilles which is the best herb for wounds. From this myth Achilles has taken her name as well as other names such as "Aphrodite's Tear", "Aphrodite's smile".

For many years it was used as an invigorating and bitter tonic and all kinds of bitter alcoholic beverages (bitters) were made from it. Achilles has been considered an effective healer since ancient times

The plant pigments and alkaloids (Achilles) contained in Achilles have the ability to "drop" the pressure and for this reason, the herb is recommended in cases of hypertension. The coumarins and salicylic acid (component of aspirin) contained in Achilles prevent the formation of blood clots and promote general good circulation through the dilation of peripheral arteries.

The use of Achilles (internally) is considered to help fight hemorrhoidal bleeding, menorrhagia and in general all internal bleeding. The antiseptic properties of the herb (due to the content of azulin and apigenin) are also important in cases of bleeding.

It is one of the best diaphoretic herbs, so it helps the body cope with the fever. It lowers blood pressure causing dilation of peripheral blood vessels. Recommended for bronchitis, colds, coughs, drunken headaches and hypertension. Stimulates digestion and stimulates blood vessels. Externally it helps in wound healing


Pour 1 tablespoon in 1 cup of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. This drink is drunk when necessary.

Achilles contains many active ingredients. It is a powerful herb and should be consumed sparingly and for periods not exceeding one month.

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